1.- Legal Information
Domain: www.ferroplastmaroc.com
Tax registration code: MARR2222471
Registered address: Km. 5,6 – RS. 107, Tit Mellil vers Médiouna, Préfecteure Médiouna. B.P.: 181 Tit Mellil Zénata, CASABLANCA (MOROCCO)
Registry Details: Registered in the Companies’ Register of A Coruña, Folio 100 and so forward, Volume 1.912, Page C-18.027, 1st Inscription
Tel: 212 (0) 522 33 14 49 / 212 (0) 522 33 16 71
Fax: 212 (0) 522 22 56 56 / 212 (0) 522 22 56 57

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