Unplasticised PVC piping systems for sewerage networks are the safest, most comprehensive and effective solutions for these types of installations. Ferroplast Maroc offers an extensive range of high-quality PVC pipes, making it possible to tackle any solution with the utmost safety and efficiency.

All PVC sanitary pipes are extruded, calibrated and countersunk in line using fully automated procedures.

Ferroplast Maroc distinguishes its PVC sewerage piping with an orange colour (as recommended by the European regulations), facilitating the visual differentiation of the sewerage network with regard to all other networks. The two systems it offers are:

Compact PVC pipes
Smooth inside and outside. Manufactured in compliance with the NF P 16-352 and UNE-EN 1401 standards for non-pressurised ducting.
- Diameters: Ø110 mm – Ø800 mm

Structured (double-wall) PVC pipes
Structured outside and smooth inside. With the SANEPIPE brand, manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 13476 standard.
- Diameters: Ø200 mm – Ø400 mm

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