The PVC waste system developed by Ferroplast Maroc is one of the broadest, safest and most efficient ranges on the market, thanks to the wide range of high quality PVC pipes.

All of Ferroplast Maroc’s PVC waste pipes are extruded, calibrated and countersunk in line using totally automated procedures.

FERROPLAST pipes have the maximum fire-resistance classification for plastic materials (B-s1,d0), in accordance with the European Euroclasses appearing in the UNE-EN 13501 standard.

This full range comprises:

“FP Series" PVC pipes
Manufactured in compliance with the NF T 54-017, UNE-EN 1329 and UNE-EN 13501 standards, for soil and waste discharge (at low and high temperature) within the building structure and its fire resistance.
- Diameters: Ø32 mm – Ø315 mm

“STANDARD Series” PVC pipes
For the discharge of rainwater in aerial and outdoor installations.
- Diameters: Ø32 mm – Ø315 mm

Waste Waste