Sewerage (Condusan)

The CONDUSAN brand range of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes is the most innovative system for underground sewerage piping for non-pressurised wastewater and rainwater.

Thanks to their innovative design and the excellent properties of the materials they are made with (HDPE), CONDUSAN pipes blend flexibility, resistance, lightness, ease of installation and durability, making them the most competitive product in its application setting.

CONDUSAN pipes are manufactured by means of an in-line fully automated continuous co-extrusion process:
- Black corrugated external layer, which makes it highly resistant to sunlight.
- White inner layer, making it suitable for inspection by camera systems.

Manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 13476 standard for non-pressurised underground sewerage use. They are supplied with a double sleeve for diameters from 160 mm to 500 mm and a built-in hood for diameters from 630 mm to 1000 mm.
- SN-4 Diameters: Ø315 mm – Ø1.000 mm
- SN-8 Diameters: Ø160 mm – Ø1.000 mm

Sewerage (Condusan) Sewerage (Condusan)