Plumbing and heating

Ferroplast Maroc offers a wide range of products and systems for the ducting of pressurised hot and cold water inside buildings. These products are most frequently used in plumbing installations; heating with radiators in monotube or bitube systems; underfloor heating and cooling; air conditioning; industrial installations and agricultural/farming installations.

Ferroplast Maroc supplies materials principally for plumbing and heating installations in housing and buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc, in which the use of high-quality, reliable products is essential.

Reticulated polyethylene pipes (PE-X)
Manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 15875 standard and with the AVIS TECHNIQUE 14/09-1327 from the CSTB for ducting systems with plastic materials for hot and cold water installations.
- Diameters: Ø16 mm – Ø32 mm

Plumbing and heating Plumbing and heating