Ferroplast Maroc has a wide range of PVC and PE fittings designed for black water and wastewater underground ducting of an industrial or household origin, thus offering the most comprehensive, safe and effective solution for these types of installations

Thanks to the innovative design and excellent properties of the manufacturing materials, they are the most effective and rational solution from the technical and economic viewpoint for these types of applications, combining lightness, durability, tightness, ease of assembly and economy of maintenance and design.

PVC sewerage fittings
With rubber ring joint and brick red colour.
- Diameters: Ø110 mm – Ø630 mm

Corrugated PE sewerage fittings (Condusan)
With SN-8 double layer for applications in non-pressurised underground sewerage and black in colour.
- Diameters: Ø160 mm – Ø1000 mm

Sewerage Sewerage