Ferroplast Maroc offers a complete, safe, economical and rational system for providing top quality and effectiveness in buildings, in line with the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Ferroplast Maroc waste system fittings are injection moulded in rigid PVC free of loads and plasticisers. They are chamfered and countersunk for joining by gluing or with rubber ring joints.

All FERROPLAST tube bends and branches are externally strengthened with a rhombus of the same material, at the point which the water and solids circulating within the installation impact. This reinforcement ensures a longer service life and greater durability in cases such as the circulation of water at high temperature (outlets of domestic appliances) or impacts in toilet drains.

FERROPLAST waste system fittings have the maximum fire-resistance classification for plastic materials (B-s1,d0), in accordance with the European Euroclasses which appear in the UNE-EN 13501 standard.

PVC waste fittings
Manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 1329 and UNE-EN 13501 standards, for soil and waste discharge (at low and high temperatures) within the building structure and its fire resistance. Joined by rubber ring joints or gluing.
- Diameters: Ø32 mm – Ø400 mm

Waste Waste