Electrical and telecommunications ducting

Ferroplast Maroc offers specially designed coupling sleeves and spacers to provide an optimal service for electrical and telecommunications networks.

Coupling sleeves
Manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 50086-2-4 standard. FERROPLAST corrugated PE pipes can be joined using specially designed FERROPLAST coupling sleeves. Thanks to this, the geometric continuity of the ducting is maintained, thus avoiding continuous snagging with guides when cable laying works are carried out. These sleeves are sufficiently rigid to guarantee their own mechanical stability and that of the piping ends, which are always the most delicate areas.

Ferroplast Maroc also offers spacers for pipes, designed to provide strength and versatility to piping installations for cable ducts. These spacers are totally combinable and suitable for both smooth and corrugated pipes.

Electrical and telecommunications ducting Electrical and telecommunications ducting