PE-X fittings

Ferroplast Maroc offers a wide range of products and systems for the ducting of hot and cold pressurised water inside buildings.

The FERROPLAST system for joining reticulated polyethylene pipes with sliding sleeve fittings is manufactured in compliance with the UNE-EN 15875 standard and possesses the AVIS TECHNIQUE nº14/09-1458 from the CSTB.

This system is notable for its safety and reliability, it is highly resistant to traction, and assembly is rapid and clean. In addition, the components and sockets are reusable and ensure total tightness, doing away with the need for o-rings or duo-cone seals which may suffer wear and tear.

Ferroplast Maroc supplies materials principally for plumbing and heating installations in housing and buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc, in which the use of high-quality, reliable products is essential.

PE-X fittings PE-X fittings