Plásticos Ferro Pioneering company in the manufacture of plastic pipes and fittings, marketing other products in order to offer its customers complete solutions and systems. Its prestigious FERROPLAST brand is highly renowned in the market thanks to its quality and service.

Tuyper Grupo Leader in the Iberian Peninsula in the sector of plastic pipes for all types of ducts and installations. It is the leading pipe supplier for some of the principal companies in the water, energy and telecommunications sectors.

Ferro Systems Established in January 2009 with the aim of transferring the experience and knowledge of GPF to other countries. With its international calling, it will market the entire range of products from the different companies in the Group.

Braseli Company devoted to the manufacture and marketing of products and systems aimed at ducts for pressurised cold and hot water, especially in heating and plumbing installations.

Tepsa Devoted to the manufacture of high-density polyethylene crates and pallets for the fishing sector and for structures aimed at aquaculture, such as mussel platforms, long-lines, jetties, cages for fish and mollusc hatchery, etc.